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Hello and Welcome to InspireZu®


Vision Statement:

InspireZu®, Inspires you.
When we treat our body as a temple and learn to align our mind, body, and spirit we can overcome our challenges, and make our dreams a reality. Please join me on this journey. 


Hello and Welcome to InspireZu®


Mission Statement:

InspireZu® is dedicated to inspiring you physically and mentally so that you feel self-empowered to reach your goals and dreams. Through Yoga, Personal Training, Boxing, Aqua Aerobics and Zumba you will feel happier in your own skin! You will be motivated to expand beyond your comfort zone and achieve your greatest results. I am on a lifelong mission to promote mind, body and soul well-being and have dedicated my time and energy to continually expanding my skills and knowledge to do so. Starting at the youngest certified age of 14 teaching yoga, living and studying in India, and currently expanding my knowledge beyond yoga and other exercise methods, there is always a format to move your body that is right for you! I make each session tailor made, with the ability to fuse any of the mentioned 5 fitness formats to reach your needs, considering injuries, and attain your goals! Simultaneously through Meditation, and a number of Mind/Body practices I'll describe in my blogs you'll be putting your best foot forward.